Rites of Passage: Travel Log 7 “Exploring Stereotypes: Global Responsibility” by Jill Belrant; Perugia Italy

In Rwandan, Africa over a span of one hundred days around 500,000–1,000,000 Rwandans was killed. Half a million were raped. Rwandan genocide was the Hutu trying to wipe out the Tutsi population. The cartoon I choose is from a Hutu perspective and part of Hutu propaganda. The picture is of a United Nation solider allowing the Tutsi women to hang all over him. This was because the Tutsi women were thought of being very sexual and seductive. ThPropaganda_cartoon_from_the_Rwandan_Genocideey described the Tutsi women of having thin noises so in the picture they made sure to point that out so everyone would know they were Tutsi. There was a similar image that portrayed Tutsi women having sex with three Belgian paratroopers. Members of the military were banded from marrying Tutsi women, and Tutsi women were portrayed as arrogant, ugly and viewing Hutu men as inferior. The realty is this was not true and instead the Tutsi women were rapped and sexually mutilated.

Under our human rights, I found that article one and two relate to these issues the strongest. Article one is about “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” the Tutsi women are not being born free, they are being look down about because of their sex, race, and status which goes against article two. Human rights are what make us human, without them people turn into animals.

I feel a strong manner about genocides because I am Jewish and in world war two their was even a larger genocide that took places for years. The human rights were stripped of my people just like the Tutsi. To this day I will not get a tattoo because the Jewish people had a number tattoo on them against their will.

It is crazy to think about how a group of people can come together and follow a group to cause harm. In my religion we say we must never forget the holocaust because we must remember so it can never happen again. It is very sad to me that another genocide happened years later. When watching the documentary, I noticed that the people that were there from other countries ran away from the difficulty instead of trying to help stop the problem. I felt very bad for the man in the documentary because that must be so frustrating to want to stop people murdering other people and then having no back up or reinforcements.


2 thoughts on “Rites of Passage: Travel Log 7 “Exploring Stereotypes: Global Responsibility” by Jill Belrant; Perugia Italy

  1. Jill,
    In my research I never came across a lot of information about the Tutsi women. Reading your post was so interesting! It is unbelievable how little rights they had and the way they were treated. I can’t imagine not being born free. It really makes me appreciate where we were born and the freedom that we have. It is disgusting and vile how anyone could treat women that way.I can’t believe they were looked down on because of their “Sex, race and gender”. This is not something that even crosses our minds on a daily basis. I can’t imagine having those kind of limitations right from birth.


  2. Jill,

    I went into this assignment being quite blind to the specifics of the Rwandan genocide. Reading about and watching the documentary was quite shocking – it’s tough to imagine something like this even happened. One thing that I couldn’t believe was the fact that many countries turned a blind eye towards this genocide when they knew of all the horrible things happening. That itself should be a crime. Just because it’s not in the political interests of the country doesn’t mean they should allow the brutal mass killing of an entire race. Reading about this horrific event makes us realize how lucky we are to live in a country that allows us freedom and ensures our basic human rights.


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