Travel Log 7 “Global Responsibility” Part 1. Brenda Kittredge. Lugano, Switzerland

9615962_origThis carton depicts the attitude that many individuals, as well as governments, approach problems. The author wants to express the point that despite seeing what has happened in the past, we are not doing anything to change a current situation. As Dallaire discussed in the film, it would have taken so little intervention on the part of a handful of nations. If initial preventative action was taken the whole situation could have been stopped in a matter of days. However, instead of stepping in, all the military support stepped out. The carton expresses that a similar situation was occurring in Sudan at the time and no action was begin taken. Instead of sending our support we stood by and watch another crisis occur. This is a common thread throughout history.

However often times this is easier said than done. There are numerous political decisions that go into whether action should be taken. Is it always our place to step in and try to help? But at the same time, are we comfortable standing by and watching innocent people suffer and die.

We can see a similar situation going on in Syria right now. There is constant debate of whether we should be stepping in more. The U.S. as well as numerous other countries in the world face the decision of whether more action needs to be taken on their part. This includes financial support as well as military. We are seeing right now that many European countries are facing crisis with refugees. Many of these countries want to help but they also have to consider the repercussions of their own nation. These topics can spark incredible moral conflict. The issues faced are often ethical ones with no clear right or wrong answer.  The easy answer can be to not get involved because it may not be our place, but that may not always be the right one.


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