Travel Log 7: “Global Responsibility” Part 1: Jenna Paul. Cork, Ireland.

This cartoon stood out to me the most for many different reasons. Although it is a bit graphic I think that it tells a lot and clearly shows what the Rwanda genocide was like in many senses. In this cartoon, there is a person laying on the floor with their hand raised, clearly needing help. The group of people towards the back are all talking and just looking at the person on th4316604e floor. They are questioning what that person is doing and instead of going to help them out, they are just standing back and acting like nothing is wrong. In a sense they are ignoring the problems and acting as if everything is normal. They think that the person on the floor is waving and one of them even says, “We should wave back, I suppose.” The person on the floor is clearly in need of assistance in some shape or form. The group of people could at least have been calling for help or doing something rather than just staring and waving. There is even a little bug in the corner that says, “She’s waving goodbye”, just to show how much no one cared to help out Rwanda at this time. This just shows how much no one cared to help Rwanda at this time and how they were left to die alone.

In the Declaration of Human Rights, it states in article five that, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” This cartoon clearly shows how a person is going through torture and everyone is acting as if she is not a human. It goes against the Declaration of Human rights in so many ways and is so disturbing so see. There are so many things wrong with this cartoon, but also so many things wrong with what went on during the Rwanda Genocide. No one should have to go through something like this.
By studying abroad, we get to see a different side of the world, literally. For example, media and the internet in the United States are made to only show us what the government wants us to see. By being out of the country we can see a completely different side of everything. Although we might not be in a third world country, we can still see how destroyed the world is in some parts. Slimbach talks about this when he says, “More and more are venturing off the beaten path of study-abroad-as-usual with a passion to discover meaning in their life by helping to mend the brokenness of the world” (Slimbach 26). Where ever we are in the world we should aim to make the world a better place and end genocides like the one in Rwanda.I personally do not think that global treatment of these violations has changed simply because of all of the violence that still goes on today. Something must be done to end the violence around the world.


One thought on “Travel Log 7: “Global Responsibility” Part 1: Jenna Paul. Cork, Ireland.

  1. Jenna I totally agree with your comment about seeing a different side of things while abroad. In America we are only given the American perspective on things, while here we get to see the Irish and European perspectives. This sometimes shows us some of America’s faults and allows us the opportunity to maybe even better our culture when we’re back.


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