“Travel Log 4: Studying Abroad…Its More Than Just a Walk in the Park” by Jill Belrant; Perugia Italy

I am a visual learning and I like to observe places around me so taking a walk throughout Perugia will teach me a lot more than if I just goggled it. I started my walk from my apartment one afternoon. As soon as I step outside of my apartment I see an amazing view of Perugia. Perugia is very hilly so I am up on a high part of the hill therefore I can see a lot of apartments below me. I can also see off into the distance into the countryside. I know that Assisi is in the distance, another town in Umbria. As I start my walk I pass many specialty-clothing stores, unique handbags shops, and many outdoor café’s. Perugia does not have chain stores or restaurants so locals usually own the stores in town. The streets are cobblestone and the buildings are a yellow/orange color with different variations of shutter colors. As I walk down the small roads I feel like I am going back in time. The city has a very old world feel to it. There is one part of the city that goes back to the roman times that still stands. There are also two walls that go around part of the city that goes dates back to medieval times. Even though it is an old city, Perugia is moving with the times and has modern technology in certain parts, like escalators going down to the metro.

As I continue my walk I notice I always see a lot people, there are always groups of friends having lunch or coffee at the outdoor café’s. The waiters of a café near my apartment always say “Ciao “when I walk by, because they are starting to remember me. I have found stores that I like to explore and have became my usual places. In some stores I have gotten to know the owners. Perugia is not a huge city, as I spend more time here I am realizing that it is nice to start to remember the people you see everyday and being friendly is the norm in a smaller town. This is my first time living in a small city and first time going to such a small school. The Umbra Institute has less than 100 students in it.

There are many churches in Perugia, I have noticed that every hour and half hour church bells go off. As I am walk towards the center of town I notice another interesting thing about this city, it is that the cars seem to be able to drive anywhere and I cannot tell when a street is just for walking or if cars can drive on it as well. This seems like it will remain a mystery to me.

The café in Perugia are all-better than the next. When I walk down the main street, and admire the tables the smells of pizza and fresh prosciutto is delicious. Likewise when passing coffee bars, the smell of an espressos and pastries consume the air. Additionally I cannot forget to mention when I pass a gelato place it is hard to turn away. The gelato here is the best gelato I have ever had.

When I continue to take the stroll I can hear some conversations in Italian. I usually cannot make out any worlds unless they are talking very slow. Some times I will hear conversation that sound loud and in a yelling manner but it is just the way Italians talk to one another.

I am really enjoying Perugia it is such an exceptional city and I think it suites me. I am choosing to share a picture I took of steps; there are many steps around the city because of the hills.


The travelogue “Under the Tuscan sun” is becoming one of my favorite books. As I get more involved in the book I am starting to see similarities. The couple that just purchased their new home in Tuscany seems to be struggling at first with the way things are done around in Italy. As I am living here I do see the same similarities. Everything is much more laid back, and simple easy things that I could once do back in the states seem harder to do when I have a language barrier. The couple is restoring their new home and have run into small problems like trusting a contractor to get the projects approved correctly, running out of water, and being over charged just because they are American. Their adventure is a very bold risk and it is exciting to read.


One thought on ““Travel Log 4: Studying Abroad…Its More Than Just a Walk in the Park” by Jill Belrant; Perugia Italy

  1. Jill, I love hearing that the waiter near your apartment is starting to remember you, the same thing is happening to me and it really is making me feel like a local. It is also funny to hear how you notice that Italians speak loud and fast because I feel the same way about how Spanish people speak and its in two languages so its even harder to understand!

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