Travel Log 2: “Rites of Separation: Looking Behind and Looking Ahead: Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected” Jill Berlant. Bridgewater, New Jersey

As you know from my last post I was in California all summer, this makes going abroad to Italy a little easier for me since I have had a taste of being away from home. Due to the time difference, I had to plan when I was going to call home so it was not going to be too late for my parents. I stayed in touch with my parents so they were still apart of my life even though we were miles apart. They knew about my internship and when I had crazy adventures like skydiving and surfing. I plan on keeping in touch by calling a couple times a week when I am abroad in Italy as well. I know I will call more than once a week but not everyday because I will need to be able to go out and experience my new surroundings, but I also do not want them feeling like they are worried because they haven’t heard from me. I like staying in contact because they like hearing about the exploration I plan and about my classes because my parents are very involved in my life.

Separating from my parents again will be tough because I barley was with them this summer. But they know I will be traveling and on an amazing journey and they want me to do that as well. The quote I used in my letter says, “To travel is to take a journey into yourself”, I picked this quote because I want them to know I am going to be growing as a person and traveling is a way to explore and try new things. I never thought I would have skydived in California but when I was there I took a chance and went for it. I discovered I loved it and would do it again. If I never went to California and met the people I did, I do not think I would have thought of jumping out of a plane for fun.

A successful study abroad experience would be me returning from my experienced enriched and educated as a result of this remarkable experience. I do not anticipate being fluent in Italian but if I come back knowing some basics of the language I will be happy. I want to be able to come back home and be able to share with others what it is like to live like as an Italian.

I am ready as much as I can be for the expected and unexpected, I do not know what to expect so I am ready for anything. I have an open mind and love meeting new people. I know my lifestyle will change, that happens whenever you move to a new place. As I am writing this I am reflecting back to my time in California I went there knowing one friend and leaving I made so many new friends and connections. Living a block from the beach was new for me and getting used to the crazy traffic in LA was different. But I adapted fine, I know Italy will be very different from California and New Jersey but no two places are the same. I am ready for the o
ld-world charm in Italy.

The picture I chose was taken this pasted suIMG_9850mmer in California. I hiked up the mountain, which led to the famous Hollywood sign where I was able to look out into the distance and see the city. This represents to me that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to. It was an extremely difficult hike; therefore it was a great accomplishment. It also gives me the wanderlust to discover the world around me, which I am looking forward to doing in Italy.



One thought on “Travel Log 2: “Rites of Separation: Looking Behind and Looking Ahead: Expecting and Accepting the Unexpected” Jill Berlant. Bridgewater, New Jersey

  1. Studying abroad is always an interesting experience. Something I wouldn’t like to miss. I’m sure you’ll love Italy even though saying good bye is always a little tough. Keep positive! 🙂


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